To buy or not to buy?

That is the question that consumers are asking themselves when shopping for local products & services. So why do consumers choose one business over another? You'll find out in Why Before the Buy℠, a study conducted by YP℠ Marketing Solutions in collaboration with the Local Search Association and Thrive Analytics.

What we found:

Consumers value two main types of information to help them make buying decisions
Rich content is a must for marketers in today’s digital world

Consumers seek information everywhere & through multiple devices
Mobile plays a critical role in consumer shopping & purchasing

Information sources used by consumers vary by industry
Industry-level shopping patterns can be leveraged to drive more effective marketing for SMBs

Consumers are selective about who they choose to do business with
Information influences decisions, causing consumers to choose to buy from one business, while sometimes not even considering another

Available for Download:

The Why Before the Buy Topline Guide tackles key findings

The Why Before the Buy Report presents a full view

The Why Before the Buy Infographic highlights consumer buying behavior and provides tips for businesses

The Why Before the Buy Industry Snapshots provide quick views of the 8 industries explored

Explore The Why Before the Buy and discover what motivates consumer behavior & their decisions to buy!